Using Vue 11.5 PLE in Lightwave 11.5


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I have used Vue Software in the past versions 5 & 9.5. I am now considering using Vue 11.5 and bringing it into Lightwave 11.5. When I tried to bring in 11.0 previously I could not and I was told there was an incompatibility but when 11.5 came out there shouldn't be a problem. Before I purchase the full program which is rather expensive I am going to try and do it with the PLE addition. The problem is I do not understand how to within the Vue program how to generate the ability to transfer files into Lightwave layout. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have yet to see a YouTube video explaining precisely how to make that happen.


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Hi zooberite,
are you talking about Vue11.5 xStream or Infinite? Because xStream works like a plugin and you open the Vue-files in Layout. You can arrange your Vue-File in xStream standalone, save it and open it then in Layout and work on the lightwave-scene. Afterwards you can save the whole scene wit the embedded Vue-file (if you open the scene - the Vue-plugin will automatically start) or you can close the Vue-file and save the scene only with the lightwave-stuff. With Infinite it's a bit more work concerning exporting to obj-format for example.


You need to have installed the xStream version to get the plugin, however e-on don't update the PLE very often (if at all). There have been numerous bug fixes since the initial xStream 11.5 release, addressing issues with xStream and the application itself. In general, though, you just need to use the menu group you added to LW when following the xStream install instructions to be able to access the scene browser, terrain editor, atmosphere editor, etc.

The one irritation that persists is that, each time you save the scene in LW, additional xStream plugin entries are added to each xStream item in the scene. I've filed this bug several times and they've not addressed it yet.
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