Using text fields in LiveText to modify Datalink keys?


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I have no idea if this is possible, but if it is it would be great in terms of simplicity for graphics ops:

Is it possible to create a Datalink key that is tied to a text field in your LiveText project? For example, if I have a sports scoreboard and type "College1" into a text field, could I then have a placeholder image that will swap in for another titled "College1.png"? And further, could I then use that to "copy" the text to other fields within the project (so they all read the same as the initial one)?
Wait... maybe not. It sounds like you're asking if you can change the text string within LiveText... like, from LiveText change a value and have other text or image elements link to that text field. No... I don't think that is possible. But that is why I made SuiteCG, to handle team details and game status with relative ease.
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