Using Skype as a source for the TriCaster

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Problem Description

This article addresses the issue of adding Skype as a video source for use with your TriCaster.

Steps to Fix/Workaround

You can use Skype as a source via one of the two methods outlined below:

Method 1-

  1. Make sure the second machine and the TriCaster are connected via Ethernet. (If you have someone that manages your network and permissions you may need to get their assistance.)
  2. Install Skype on the second machine and login or create an account.
  3. Install and run NewTek iVGA on the second machine.
At this point you should be able to pull the video from the second machine as an iVGA source on your Tricaster. In order to get Audio you will need to connect the Audio-Out from the second computer into the Tricaster.
TIP: You can use a Virtual Input to crop and scale the Skype input into a PIP

Method 2-

In the event you do not want to use Method1 you can use a DVI to SDI converter like the ones made by BlackMagic Design. This will allow you to get the feed out of your graphics card from your computer running Skype and into the TriCaster .
NOTE 1:The trade off in using Method 2 is that you will use-up an input on the TriCaster, but the quality will be better.
NOTE 2: If you take the Program out from the TriCaster and feed it back into your Skype machine it will allow the remote person to see and hear what is going on. To do this you would need to add a capture card to that second machine
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