Using Panasonic AVC-Intra50 ??


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Anybody have any luck using Panasonic AVC Intra50 .MXF files in SpeedEDIT? Not only don't they load into SE 2.6.2, but even the TriCaster 460 Advance Edition's Import feature doesn't seem to know what to do with them.
And then Panasonic Pro Video Tech Support acts like I'm speaking a foreign language when I ask them how to turn their own MXF file into an AVI or just use them in a PC.
Any successes, rumors, old wife's tales, or urban legends will be appreciated.



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Hi Adam,

Although I no longer use SpeedEDIT and it's been a while since I did, I don't think NewTek ever did support native editing with AVC-Intra50. If I remember correctly you may need to use a third party application to convert them to something more SE friendly. You'll lose some quality by the encoding process (unless you create uncompressed files) but depending on how your re-encode the AVC-Intra50, you should be able to play them in SE.

You might want to give PavTube a go. I've never used it so I can't vouch for it but others have recommended it.

Or perhaps a codec pack like k-lite codec pack will help.


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On another note: Good to see you guys! Been pretty quiet in here.

(like a tomb)

Hi Lynn! It's great to see you too. Shame it's been so quiet here but I guess it was inevitable really. Sorry I haven't been on the scene as much, but unfortunately I had to move on from SpeedEDIT because it just won't work on any of my laptops since I upgraded to Windows 8 and above. I moved over to LightWorks out of necessity but now that I'm there it's not that bad.

I REALLY miss SpeedEDIT though.


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Having a hard time giving up on SE. I'm still running it on Win 7. Built a new desktop with an i7 and GTX980 GPU. Runs great at 1080P.

Basically I built a gaming machine just so I could run HitFilm. Was fully prepared to move on but SE just won't quit. Hard to give it up.

Most of the folks on the HF forum are either on Vegas or moving over to Edius.

Sorry to hijack the thread Adam. :)


Although I use Vegas and have played with Resolve, my mainstay is still SE because I can get things done a lot quicker than I can with the others. I had a project with some odd footage (can't remember the format) that wouldn't load in either Vegas or Resolve but slipped into SE without any problems. Vegas is powerful but has so many more hoops to jump through than SE to get anything done.


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I've been working with SpeedEDIT alot lately.. I forgot how awesome of an editor it is!!!!!!!! I <3 SpeedEDIT


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You're preaching to the converted here, Phillip.

Please march across the hall and let the powers that be know we're still out here and there is still a market!
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