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OK, here's what I want to do.

I want to make a texture for Mars, and have it driven by a height map - so I apply the map with white for the highest areas of Mars and Black for the lowest.

I want the lowest areas to have water, so think of a simple dark blue image. For the darkest greys I want to apply this image.
I have a green tinted map, which I want to apply to (approx) the next 20% of heights.
Above this altitude I want a conventional current map with orange tones. And for the highest 10% of altitudes I want to apply a bleached version of the map.

So in brief, I have a set of maps, and want to apply them, selecting them by the brightness of a different control map.

This way I should be able to simply adjust the point at which the maps change over, to get the exact effect I desire. It should also then be possible (for example) to lower the sea level and show the ancient Martian oceans evaporating as an animation...

Can this be done?
Any tips?



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I think a gradient based off your displacement map is your best bet.

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