using LW to export w3d


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I use lightwave to export to the w3d format;

in LW I have a surface that has a color channel;
the color channel has a texture option - which I use;
the texture option allows for multiple layers( number of layers will be N ), where a layer can contain a texture.jpg, etc

PROBLEM once I import the w3d into director, only the N'th layer of any texture shows up in Director;

my goal is to have layered textures, where the layers are set in LW;

any thoughts


If the layers are all images, you could move them to Photoshop and use the Photoshop image as the single layer in LW. If the layers also have procedurals and gradients, I think the only option is to bake the surface.


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Yes the lightwave exporter does not support multiple texture layeres.

However multiple texture layers can be added in director with blend effects such as add, multiply, and reflection etc.


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hello; thanks to you both for responding;

my solution: use an identical model/layer in LW with the alternative texture - thus two identical model/layers in LW, each with their own texture;

then in director, 'remove' the unneeded model/layer;

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