Using FX Linker with particles crashing with too many copies


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Hello again

I have a scene in which I have an emitter producing close to 10,000 particles. However, when using FX linker to assign a relatively low-poly object to those particles, it seems to fail somewhere above 800 copies. (LW 9.6 on my 4GB MacBookPro just becomes unresponsive, or permanently spinning wheel / watch ticking scenario).

Actually, at any one point in time, only 150 or so object copies are to be visible in the camera (drifting into frame, and then permanently out of frame). But I want the animation to run for a couple of minutes, so therefore I'm needing to produce close to 10,000 in total. Unless there is a way to kill and reassign the objects ??

If anyone has advice... I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance


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After more thought; would it be possible to write an LScript to clone a new instance of the geometry to each new particle only at the time of the particle birth, and then at the time of the particle death have it delete the instance? Thereby limiting the number of instances building up in the scene. ?

Thanks again


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I don't believe much is gonna solve that outside of a 64bit os that will allow lots more data to be loaded at once.


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Do you have a scenefile.
I did a space scene recently with lots of particles and meteors on screen and no problem in lw 32bit 4gig ram too. Did you save the pfx file to disk?
10000 particles is a bit much though. If you have hd instance I'm sure it would do the trick.


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Do y ou actually have to use geometry on the particles or can you use HVs or sprites with image sequences mapped onto them?


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Another approach is to place a plane-collision object outside the camera shot to erase the particles. Instead of FXLinker, consider using Utilities > Additional > ParticleFX DynamicLinker.

This tries to optimise the amount of clones it needs to generate to be more optimal (ie. recycle them rather then mass duplicate). I did a 1000 particle sim, and this created only 674 copies.

I don't use it a lot so I can't say anything about any possible stability issues for such a large amount of Particles, but give it a whirl if you are curious... :)


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Ok, now I need my particles with attached geometry to not overlap. So I've been trying to work with the 'self interaction' setting. Setting to bounce. However, upon after 'calculating' all of my particles appear to live for only a single frame, at birth.

Can anyone tell me what's going on?
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