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Hello folks! Our school district recently purchased a Tricaster Broadcast. The system is great; however I have discovered that I can not easily build customized transition to be used in a "live" broadcast environment. Talking with Newtek's technical support they said the only way do so is to have VT with Aura and lightwave 9.2. This seems to limit the usefulness of Tricaster. I would very much like to build my own transitions. Is there any way of doing this without having to purchase VT5? If this is not possible, would it not make sense for Newtek to offer this option for Tricaster owners? We dropped over $15,000 with all options available (Live Type, Time Warp Etc.) and believe should be able to create customized transitions. Newtek engineers, I would be interested in your take as well as members of the community.




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This is the wrong forum for your post, but as you've asked - I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a legitimate second-hand copy of Aura standalone (or Mirage) out there somewhere fairly cheap.


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And the same goes for Lightwave. Even older versions of Lightwave (if I recall right, from about version 5 or 6 on up - current version is 9.5) will work with the Lightwave DVE creator plugin.

If you are building LiveSets, there are things that Aura will do that Lightwave can't, and if you want the most flexibility, it's advantageous to use both. But, if you are building DVEs, I definitely prefer the LightWave route, because it can resize and warp the video, while Aura can only generate wipes.

A third option would be if you only need a few DVEs made and won't have a need to make new ones on a regular basis, you can find someone like myself, who offers the services of creating custom DVEs.
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