Using a Contour Shuttle to Control Teleprompter for TC1


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Hello All,

I remember reading somewhere that there is a way to connect a USB Contour jog shuttle wheel to the TC1, which could be used to control the speed of the teleprompter text. Does anyone have any insight into how to set this up?

Thank you!


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There is nothing to configure. I'm about 99% certain its use is covered in the docs.
TC1 User Manual, page 278.

You could make macros to have it operate with X-Keys or LivePanel.

Random question, would you say that the shuttles are now officially supported including their software? I confirmed that installing the shuttle software now works when it previously did not (i tried in the 6- days) and I can assign the buttons key strokes and link them to macros. Just wondering if I am in the "works but it might not work on the next update" area or if running the shuttle software is OK (i no longer get the nag screen so I think it is)

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