Using 3DA sequences with VTEdit or SpeedEDIT

Don Ballance

Director of Training
:help: This is just a tip on usage.
When creating the sequence in 3D Arsenal, do not use a number in the file name of the frames themselves.

What I mean is don't call the frames "VideoWall2.tga 0001"
The 2 will be picked up by the editors as part of the sequence number and throw it off.

You can have numbers in the scene names and the folder names just not in the names of the frames you are saving.


Caged but Happy
Wouldn't that be VideoWall2-0001.tga ???

In which case the 2 shouldn't matter since the sequence would continue using the number thereafter?
I know this is the case with other NLEs.

And...any chance we get to play with SpeedEdit soon Don? I'm dying to edit on my laptop here in the living room as opposed to being locked up in my office towards the back of the house. :)
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