UPS damaged my Amiga 4000


Well, I received a Used Amiga 4000 in a tower that was shipped to me via UPS and even though it was boxed up and packaged very well, UPS still managed to drop it and damage it. The bottom of the case was bent in and All the cards were knocked out of the Zorro sockets and one of the sockets is damaged.
I was able to get the Amiga working after stripping it down re-seating the CPU (3640) and placing it all back together but after letting it sit over night and again trying to power it on I only got a green screen and now all I get is a light grey screen and it goes no farther.
The Tower has a unique board that plugs into where the riser went so the VT and flyer cards sit properly in the tower case.
What could be the problem?
Any help wold be appreciated.




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It's a real bummer when things like that happen. It also amazes me that people leave the cards in the computer when infact the cards should be packaged seperately but in same crate for shipping.
Hopefully the package was insured? Did you take many photos of the damaged shipping box and contents when you opened it? File a claim with UPS!
I'm sure you are familar with the Amiga startupcolors, but solving the problems associated with them is sometimes exshausting. Did you run the 4000 MoBo without the zorro slot unit installed? Get the amiga running first as a bare bones unit and work up with installing cards. Hopefully you can locate a repair tech to "fix" the busted zorro unit. Good luck.


Yes, I striped it down right to just the MB without the riser and it at first did not boot but after reseating the 3640 CPU it got me to the "insert workbench disk" screen. I then proceeded to replace the hard drive and floppy drive, it booted into workbench. I was able to get it to boot up even after I replaced the riser and VT/Flyer cards as well it was the next day that it would not boot and at first gave me the green screen and now only a light gray.
Once I did have it fully assembled and running I tried to boot the Toaster but it gave me a "Toaster can not sync" or something like that and it would reset the Amiga.
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