upgrade LW+DFX


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Hi to all
This is my first post

I own a VT [2]

I want to know if I can upgrade
to LW7.5 DUO USB with DFX+ (module 1 - 4)
with your current offer of 495$.



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Hi to all Newtek team & people

Please reply to this question, because
I have only five days to decide on your offer

If I cannot get an upgrade to LW7.5 with dongle + DFX,

how much does it cost to upgrade from LW express to
LW 7.5 DUO with dongle?

If I don't remember bad, I have read on this forum (December?)
that it costs 495$.


Paul Lara

It's ALL about the light
The upgrade from LightWave Express to LightWave 7.5 with a duo-dongle is $995, and is not eligible for the current special, Francesco.
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