Updating windows for VT5


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As hard as it may be to believe my company still owns a VT5. The computer is currently using a windows XP OS and we would like to update the computer to windows 7 soon if possible. My question is If we had the VT5 software to install on windows 7 would the software run properly or is this not recommended?


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Our present Tricaster Studio runs on XP 32-bit and we would like to upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit.

My plan is to remove the present hard drive for safekeeping (just in case!)

Then, I would install a new HD, load it with Windows 7 64-bit and install the Tricaster software on the new drive.

QUESTION: Where can I get the software to install on Windows 7 64-bit?

2nd QUESTION: Who has done this; and will it work? What problems should I anticipate?

My e-mail is [email protected].


I think your question belongs in the tricaster forum. I am only familiar with the installation of VT5 and the BOB. We rebuilt my workstation with Windows 7 64-bit, Windows XP (for legacy software) and Ubuntu (for the internet) operating systems on the same hard drive. My VT5 is on the Windows 7 OS. After installation, we couldn't get it to work until we changed the preferences to run it in administrative mode. It works great now as does all the other software on the three separate operating systems. All I have to do is boot up and select the OS I want to work in and go for it.
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