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I'v been having an issue with DVD Workshop tring to get it to take number 3 of the 3 updates ULead has out for it. The update is the following:
DVD Workshop2 DVD-R DL Update Pack (Build Number: 2.232 , Release Date: 2005/07/20)

Full DVD-R Dual-Layer Support:

With the DVD Workshop DVD-R Dual-Layer pack you get twice the storage capacity (8.5GB) of single-layer DVD discs plus additional copy protection. Now you can burn long-form video projects such as semi¬nars, live events and independent films on a single DVD–R Dual-Layer disc.

Anyone else try doing this update? And before you bring it up I went to ULead and they said I have a "legacy program" meaning no support.



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Update 2.232 isn't compatible with the DVDWS2 SE that shipped with VT4 or VT5. See update 2.232's Note 1.

Update 2.231 is the only one that's compatible with the 'SE' version.

If you're trying to update the 'Full' version then I don't have a clue. Hope this helps...MG


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Sony DVD Architect 5, Adobe Encore, etc.

Plenty of authoring programs out there that support dual-layer.

Even the full version of DVD Workshop 2.

Remember, DVD Workshop 2 SE is really just a bonus thrown in by Newtek.
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