Updated plug-ins for Aura


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Updated plug-ins for Aura

NOTE: FREE updates for all licensed users of these plug-ins will be automatically sent out.

Ease 2.1 (Aura) - Available Now
- NEW Modes:
Background Generator, Bevel, Bi-Color, Cactus, Chroma Blur,
Chroma Keyer, Color Eraser, Color Keyer, Dissolve, Fiber, Glow,
Holographic Projector, Luma Keyer, Perlin Noise, Plasma, Shadow,
Stereoscopic 3D, SuperNova, Transition
- Generates start keys for all parameters that have In = Out
- Color picker support for key types 2 and 3
- Floating point precision support for key types 1 and 5
- Units support for key types 0, 1 and 5
- Optimized File > Save As .cfg output
- New look/smart requesters
- Major internal changes
- Minor fixes
- 'Ease' menu relabeled as 'Graph'
- 'Lock > All Ease' relabeled as 'All Parameter Graphs'
- 'Current' button relabeled "Set"

Picture Palette 2.0 (Aura) - Available Now
- New GUI
- Zoomed view
- Alternate windows size and position
- Zoom/Grab buttons flash while grabbing/zooming
- 'Not Saved' status display
- Fixed bug where closing PP while grabbing left Aura in the grab state
- Fixed crash when File > Load failed
- If PP not saved when exiting, it's saved as configs/Picture Palette/_unsaved.dip
- Load pattern changed to "*.*" - it can load any image format that Aura supports
- You can now abort grabbing by clicking on the flashing Grab tool
- New look/smart requesters
- Minor internal changes/fixes

Slideshow Maker 1.1 (Aura) - Available Now
- Automatic or manual color Backdrop generation with image Frame
- New look/smart requesters
- Uses OS folder requester
- busy when Verifying
- Minor internal changes/fixes

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