Upcoming AMD Epyc CPU with 256 cores/512 threads. Wow.


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if somebody smokes one box per day = $120 saved per month, $1440 per year, $72k per life)
This is a bit of an ironic statement....:p
Somebody smoking one box per day is gonna have a cut-short life span.
So sooner rather than later stop that nasty habit.


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That's a decent setup, but only if I can drop a mininum of 64GB of ram on it. I haven't had a paying gig since picking lightwave back up in 2016 that would even load in 16gb and my current project had to have a lot of optimization to get it back down to a poitnt where it'd render in under 32GB.

The benefit of massive compute power and ram on your primary workstation has much less to do with rendering long sequences of frames (where a renderfarm in Lightwave is useful) but in lookdev and iteration while setting up the scene. I'd *love* to have a cpu powerful enough to let me run VPR live all the time and give feedback close to that of Octane's IPR.
Already many of these boxes can handle 64 GB ram.

Also interesting for compositing - Fusion works fine with nodes.

Some boxes even have dual M.2 for cheap internal storage. Create a private cloud.

In a multi-purpose situation I think it would help if I could make the pc dual boot (and hide the NRC system drive, preferably with a power switch), for security.
It would make investments much easier.
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