Untarget and Retarget problem


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I've followed the tutorial with Bounce, and tride applying the rig to a model I have here, and I've run into some problems, probably caused by my lack of knowledge on the right way to do things...

I'm using the Nevron Rig, with a body mocap. There are no fingers movements in the mocap, so after retargeting the fingers are splayed. I used the little magenta and green boxes to rotate and pose the hands. If I go and untarget then retarget for some reason, all the finger bones are broken (any bones where I tweaked the motion actually, not just the fingers). I've added a couple of screen shots, but I would appreciate if someone told me that I'm doing wrong. I tried with 11.6.1 and 11.6.2 beta.


At fist I though it was because I had tweaked frame 0, so I did another test, being extra careful not to touch it, but had the same results.

Thanks in advance...
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