unreal bridge materials


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in unreal you can setup the fbx import to point to a material instance which is itself derived from a master material. this master can have a whole series of node networks and material functions within it.
it’s a pretty nice feature btw ;)

anyway, when you import an fbx with materials, you can setup a your master material to have vert colours learped with the base col texture.

so, you setup your object in modeler, assign materials with colours, export fbx, have unreal watch a custom directory path and auto import your fbx, upon import it takes the base/default material instance and uses it as a template to create all your materials, using the material cols in the fbx to set vert cols in unreal.
i hope this makes sense. it is pretty straightforward and a real time saver as you can setup your master material to have fresnel, parallax height mapping etc, channel adjustments and the like, with a series of switches to turn features on and off. basically an uber shader.

my question is, can this setup/feature of unreal be used with the lightwave 2019 bridge?

id like to be able to export characters and scenes with uber shader material instances created automatically as can be achieved with the std fbx import.

any ideas?
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