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hi guyz,
i am new in this animation thing and i will love if any1 knows about any university, in the USA, that offers a degree in animation or in Canada.
Pls. i really want this, so if any1's out there 2 help, pls do.
thanx... :confused:
u can mail me personally!!!


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There is a Technical College in Hibbing, Minnesota that has at least a course or two. The College of Art and Design in Minnesota also offers courses. I'm not sure if either actually has a degree program aimed at this. If it is what you really love there are lots of books and resources available. In this business I think talent is worth much more than a degree because talent will show through in the finished product, a degree may or may not.



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I'm from the UK so don't know too much about the US university/college system, however, on my various searches for inspiration/motivation I came across:
the portfolio page of the Ringling School of Art & Design (Florida) Animation department and I was very impressed with what I saw.

I agree to a certain extent with what Ivan says about talent counting for more than a degree, however there are a couple things you should also take into consideration.
1 - A degree not only gives you a chance to display your talent, but shows you can produce the goods to a tight deadline (does a company want someone that produces good quality animation in months or someone that produces excellent animation in years?) and also that you can work to a specification rather than just creating what you want (how many people in the industry get to do that after-all?)
2 - If you are seeking work outwith the US, a degree will go a long way to securing success with Visa applications as it proves you have a specialised skill set which others within the host country may not have.

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