Unity Lightwave 6 -> 2015 & 2108 LWO Importer


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Hats off to whoever made this!


LWO Importer makes it quick and easy to import Lightwave mesh files directly into Unity without having to first convert them to another format (eg .fbx) each time.

This means you can share the exact same LWO files you use in Lightwave with your Unity project, and this provides some serious advantages:
- You can immediately see any changes you make to your lightwave model in Unity. Simply save the mesh in Lightwave, switch to Unity and the mesh will be reimported automatically with the new changes.
- Layer names, hierarchy and pivot-points are retained. The model will be organised in Unity exactly as it is in Lightwave.
- Duplication of files means more to manage and more that can go wrong. Simpler is better!
- .LWO files are light-weight binary files and this means your Unity project takes less space and becomes more portable.

- Supports .LWO files created in Lightwave from version 6.0 up to Lightwave 2018 (LWO2 and LWO3 files).

- Imports Triangles and Quads.

- Converts Standard and Principled BSDF Lightwave Materials to approximately equivalent Unity materials. Support for basic node-based materials that use the following node types: Image, Scalar, Color Layer, NormalMap.

- Layer hierarchy is imported and retained, along with the layer names and pivot positions. Each layer becomes a GameObject.

- Hidden layers are imported with the MeshRenderer component disabled. If you want the hidden layer to be visible in Unity simply enable the MeshRenderer component.

- Morph Targets are supported and imported as BlendShapes, with a default weighting of 1.0.


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Give the dude (or Dudess) a great, big, honking medal.

I've put in the request that we get this asap and will look to purchase it personally once I get home!
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