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After 6 years of use, the sound from my VT[3]-installed computer became intermittent and then absent. How do I uninstall VT[3] cleanly to restore sound systems to motherboard integrated sound card?

Further description: Sound began to fail about 6 months ago. After shutdown and reboot, the sound would be on. Then after a few hours, it would go out. Other times the volume would be low until it went out completely. The shutdown "fix" lasted awhile, but now it changes nothing.

Thanks for help in removing card.



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What OS version are you running? 2000 or XP?
You should be able to go into control panel/add remove programs and un-install VT3.

I know I always did a check for the VTCAPAUD, VTCAPVID, Winrtme, Betoven and a couple other DLL's and would delete them. On one system I couldn't remove the VTCAPAUD dll until after a restart.

There are some great threads in the archives here that walk you through the reg-edit steps that I have at the studio.

You should then be able to turn off your computer, pull the VT card out and windows should find your on board sound card, if you have one.
After 6 years, you might be due for a complete OS install anyways. :D


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Tks, Ted,
XP, SP2. Will try your method. Didn't know if uninstall/ removal might require more aggressive measures, because VT[3] kind of takes over a system.


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Alex, the following may be what Ted is referring to. As it states on the last line, I haven't really had to worry about manually removing these files since VT[3], but I'm in the process of installing VT[5] and did find all those files still remained on my system after uninstalling VT[4.6c] this afternoon.

1. Uninstall VT2 or VT3.

2. Reboot.

3. Go to the C:\Windows\ directory.

4. Use the Filemanager to find all instances of filenames containing "VTCAP*.*". There should be six of them. Delete them.

5. Search for RTVcodec.*. Delete it.

6. Search for "OEM*.*" with "Toaster" text inside. There should be three or four of them. Check the files with notepad to determine that they are Toaster install files BEFORE deleting them.

In WinXP:
(these are the .inf files I found from my VT[4.6] installation, back in the VT[3] days they were numbers 5, 6, 7, 14 & 15)

7. Search for "vtoaster.sys" (should have been removed from C:\windows\system32\ already, but may not have been). If found, delete it.

8. If you are familiar with the registry editor (regedit.exe), try to delete all VT, NewTek and Toaster keys (but be careful that's all you're deleting!).

9. Reboot - total shutdown and cold restart won't hurt.

You should have a clean system now. The OS may find a multimedia device when rebooting and ask for a driver; ignore (cancel) the system requester.

In the process of installing numerous new VT[3] beta versions I did not have to do the registry cleaning, but YMMV.

Good Luck


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Thank you. It turned out to be no problem at all. Uninstalled software. Removed card. had to configure sound device. Sound coming through fine now.

Thanks again:lwicon:

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I hate to butt into this forum but, I can't uninstall my VT3. I removed the patch but can't get rid of the 4744. It gets to interface skinage when it stops and an error message pops up with "an error has occurred while launching the setup. The remote procedure call failed." I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Vt3 many times and never had this problem. I have now manually deleted everything newtek I can find. When I try to reinstall the vt3 it say can not find newtekrtme.dll does anyone have a clue?


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You probably have a mess in there. Read the response to your other duplicate post.
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