UBERDEALS! Majorly discunted Bundles from Liberty3d.com


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Hi guys!
We just stated a new cool thing on our site at www.liberty3d.com
called Uberdeals.
These are majorly discounted (up to 50% off) bundles of selected videos and or videos with tools packaged together.
These are being put together and offered up to the 3D community without advanced notice or mail outs. Just wicked deals on our training and products that will change constantly.

They may be there one moment and gone the next, so if you have been looking to pick up any of our training and tools bundled together keep checking our site for the latest UberDeal (of the day?).

You can see what we have currently as uberdeals by clicking here

These deals will change constantly so if you don't see what you are looking for check back regularly or suggest an UberDeal by contacting us through the site or our forums.

Thanks again to the LightWave community for all of your support over the last 8 months!
It's because of you that we started this and because of you we are rocking it!


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It's pretty funny and might attract more people to your ad. I read it and imagined what such a word would mean if it actually existed.

Now that's creative advertising! :S

In the mean time, for me back to spell check and recording my next video. Advanced Space Scene Creation Volume 3 is about half way done now. Joy. :)
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