Two Double Box Sets I Did for iPad Demos...


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I've been trying to get the ZIP files with the actual set uploaded, but I haven't been able to get the forum upload facility to cooperate. I am trying to upload each of them individually. One is 10M and the second is 12M, both below the 19M limit. Suggestions are appreciated, but I'll keep trying until I figure something out.

Sorry for the delay in uploading these...



  • iPad Demo.jpg
    iPad Demo.jpg
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  • iPad Demo - Perspective.jpg
    iPad Demo - Perspective.jpg
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I'll check, but I'll likely need the IT guys to look into this, John, sorry. I ran into this once before (before this last vBulletin upgrade) and found that the related admin tools I could access were in turn governed by some hard limits imposed elsewhere in the pipeline. Sorry about that. :(


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Thanks Steve - not a problem. (It's not urgent, so no rush.) I did these sets for a tutorial I'm putting together, and just thought someone else might find them useful.

As always, I appreciate your help.

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