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Hello again,

Yes,I'm still trying to get every last drop out of my wonderful Inspire.

A while back I posted a thread on the old board about TV standard sizes..and someone replied with 720x482 and that info has helped the quality tremendously, although it takes forever to render each animation frame by frame.

Now I seem to have a problem with the color...It looks so good on my PC but when I transfer it to tape it just looks bad! Is there some kind of color depth option I can turn on or off in Inspire?

What is the correct color depth for regular TV? is this something that Lightwave does automatically?

Any help with PC to TV animation color would be greatly appreciated.



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TVs and Computer monitors handle color differently. There isn't a color depth setting in LW/Inspire that'll compensate for that. You'll just have to make your color choices based on what you see on your video monitor (TV) rather than on your computer screen.

Generally, TV tends to be brighter and if you use really bright blues and red you get unwanted smearing. Also, it is possible to make an image that has blacks that are too dark and whites that are too bright.

Hope this helps.


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If I may help, you are either using PAL or NTSC as a VTR, TV/NTSC/S-Video standard, this is RGB, as VGA ( IBM standard, EGA, CGA, etc. ) is not true RGB, as we used RGB ( Non-WINTEL, but Amiga TIGA standard ) in the original Toaster, ( 1992 ) so the video matrix image is a VGA or XGA, which is digital, as the video recorder is Analog, so you must convert the color registration and the matrix value to RGB or composite ( RS-170A Broadcast standard ), you might get a good output by combinding the composite signal with your S-Video out on your video board, as we did with our early might try the DAZZLER (R), if it is still on the market, it might give you better results.....I was heavy into video production in 1992, ROBO-COP (tm) was done down here by Microsearch ( as the dailies and editing was done!!!, shoot in "Little HOLLYWOOD", Houston, we also shot the SCIFI movie "Logans Run", one of the extras in the crowd, I was ) and qualify as a IEEE video engineer, as I have 17 year US Patent, USPTO No. 5055918, in HOLO~Graphic video imagery, just to let you know

So, you are dealing with apples and oranges...Analog and digital, as your results show....RAB ;)

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