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Ivan B Tutorials

Hi All,

Thought I'd post a link to my youtube channel for some Lightwave 11.6 tutorials I made.


Master Test Render Scene
Compound Nodes
Flocking & Raycast Node 1
Flocking & Raycast Node 2
Bullet Dynamics & FX_Metalink
Bullet Dynamics & FX_Metalink Node
Fuel Cap Modelling

Hope they help.
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thank you!

Ivan thanks, your tutorial has improved my rendering infinitely.
I most certainly hope you continue with your tutorials, they are concise and to the point.
I highly recommend also posting these on the Lightwave facebook page; the LW3DG does a large majority of community showcasing there.
Hey Thanks guys!!! I'm glad they help....working on new tute for fracturing wood (creating planks and beams and studs etc and fracturing them to look like wood...not concrete) and using those objects to make a fence to crash through or something with bullet.

The fracture settings are important, but the bullet setting more so.

When Im done with that I'm thinking of doing a vehicle rigger (commercial plugin..no affiliation) tute, splitting it in three showing the setup for a Car, Truck & Trailer or Car and Trailer / Caravan and Tank...not sure how it will go down as it is a commercial plugin, but if your doing stuff with cars its so good to use....easy to setup and to animate with.


I'll look into posting a link on the facebook page (dont know what LW3DG is :eek: ) ..thanks chazriker

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Ivan just wondering after your master test render scene do you have any tutorials for daylight lighting/rigs or similar.
I, just a hobbyist plodding along trying to improve
Thanks Spherical..ya think they could write a "simple" :rolleyes: version of chronoSculpt, just so we can pin objects to stay put when using bullet... :D

Hey Bart, after reading your post, I though I'd look into it.. So I went ahead and made a few different outdoor scenes, that I'll make a video on. Everything's ready to go, just have to record it.

Here's some stills of the scenes that will be in the video...I'm by no means a professional at lighting, but I think it'll be a good start.

These are renders straight out of Lightwave, no post work.

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Hey All,

Here's a new tutorial on Bullet dynamics & Fracturing Wood

Outdoor Lighting / rendering coming real soon.
Thanks for your tutorial on fracturing wood.
Towards the end you make the point that the whole structure fractures at the same time and you provided a work-around.

I'm rusty on Bullet but I thought that somewhere in the tabs was a setting for fracturing on a particular frame.

Therefore progressive fracturing as a collider moves through a structure is already possible in Bullet.

...not sure.
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