TurbulenceFD and Nvidia A series


I am dropping here a quick info about TurbulenceFD and a new line of Nvidia A series of professional GPUs in LightWave. As you know TurbulenceFD doesn’t really gain much in simulation speed with Nvidia GPUs in last 7-8 years. Every new GPU generation haven’t boost TurbulenceFD calculation speed by much. The speed ups were in the range of 10-20% dependent of a GPU (Quadro/GTX) regardless of generation. My thought was, OK, TurbulenceFD tech stuck in time and this is it. It is still multiple times faster than the CPU. But this apparently changes with Ampere professional GPU. I haven’t tested Quadro’s M, P and first RTX (Turing) so I can’t speak for those. All test samples are included in TFD so you can test the same scene as well. Here is one example;

oil well lightwave 2020.0.2
k6000 = 6:07 min
RTX 3070 = 5:37 min
RTX A4000 = 1:47 min

Quadro K6000 is from 2012/13, 3070 in new and A4000 is new. 3070 and A4000 are both Ampere architecture but look at the difference! A4000 is more than 3x faster! Oh joy of joys :)

The more complex the scene is the greater the difference in speedup. Here are some of my testing notes through the years;

simple explosion lightwave 2015 (unknown old version of TFD)
cpu 2x2670 = 5:31 min
quadro4000 = 4:07 min

simple explosion lightwave 2018
gtx1070Ti = 2:57 min
k6000 = 3:07 min

simple explosion lightwave 2020.0.2
k6000 = 2:53 min
RTX 3070 = 2:39 min
RTX A4000 = 1:08 min

simple ignition lightwave 2015 (unknown old version of TFD)
quadro4000 = 70 sec
gtx1070Ti = 16 sec
k6000 = 27 sec

simple ignition lightwave 2020.0.2
k6000 = 18 sec
RTX 3070 = 16 sec
RTX A4000 = 9 sec

oil well lightwave 2015 (unknown old version of TFD)
quadro4000 = 16:50 min

oil well lightwave 2018
gtx1070Ti = 5:58 min
k6000= 5:47 min

oil well lightwave 2020.0.2
k6000 = 6:07 min
RTX 3070 = 5:37 min
RTX A4000 = 1:47 min

big blast lightwave 2018
gtx1070Ti = 5:11 min
k6000 = 4:21 min

big blast lightwave 2020.0.2
k6000 = 3:55 min
RTX 3070 = 3:51 min
RTX A4000 = 1:13 min

And A4000 crashes LW 2019 Layout too.
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ack ack
AFAIK there are some big updates coming in ver2 later this year.
There is talk of AMD gpu support also.


ack ack
Recent post from Jascha says ver2 released later this year as standalone and C4D plugin, with other plugins to follow.

When will MAC GPU support be... - Workflow - Jawset Forum.png
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