TS4000 Training


I am at my wits ends with this TS4000. Even after a complete restore and software updates and updates for the Skype TX, still can not get it to be seen by our 460 and can not the 460 cameras showing up in the TS for the return to caller.

Is there anyone in the New Orleans area or within driving range to go and get some help and training on how to use this system.

The Ministers are starting to get on me for not being able to get it to work correctly since we purchased it a few months ago.

Did a lot of settings per Tech Support but nothing seems to work.

Email or call
[email protected]
We do not have any SDI cameras. All cameras are connect via component cables to the TC460. I have tried the NDI and still can't see the TalkShow. Should I start NDI in TS to see if it see the 460. Like I said just lost as what else to try.
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