TS and Serial Port

Serial port need realtime response and TScript did not have functions related to serial port. So, there is no chance to have that in TScript unless you wrote a serial module to work with TScript. And that means you need C++ and VT SDK.


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Search the web and you can find small command line utilities that can read and write simple strings via RS-232. If you don't need instant response something like this might work


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Yeah, I've got the RS232 stuff down pretty well, I'm just looking for a way to interface it with VT. Ideally, I'd like to be able to create an external control interface for the VT. I know VB2008 pretty well, and I know enough C++ to work with microcontrollers, but the VT docs lost me when it came to triggering TS from C++


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Checkout Dhomas's Youngmonkey plugin for Serial control. Maybe that will help you get moving faster. The price is affordable especially if you factor in the time you save trying to figure out the sdk. :)


I don't see the Serial plugin listed so you might need to email him about that. It had similar functions to the MidiVT plugin I helped him develop.
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