Troubleshooting the SX-8 & SX-84


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I thought I'd share this with everyone 'cause it might come in handy as it's sometimes difficult to track down exactly where the problem is if your VT breakout box (either an SX-8 or SX-84) isn't working. So here are the steps to take to narrow which part is the culprit. Occasionally we will see software problems masquerading as hardware issues so keep this in mind.

No Video In or No Video Out

  • If one works but not the other try swapping the Video In and Video Out cables with each other and see if the problem moves with the cable.
  • If this makes no difference Shutdown and disconnect the SX-8(4) and hook up breakout cables. 15 pin connector at one end, five BNCs at the other, two of these should have come with your VT. The grey connector is composite video. If you get video in and/or out with these your SX-8(4) is bad.

No audio but video works - VT Classic Card (shipped with VT[3] and earlier)

  • Double check that you have the 1/8" plugs going to the correct jacks 80% of the time this is the problem.
  • Plug directly into the 1/8" jacks on the VT card. Hint:The output will drive walkman style headphones but not loudly. If the jacks work your VT card is OK.
  • Swap out audio cable. Easy to say but it's a custom 15 pin to dual 1/8" stereo deal but 19% of the time it is the problem.
  • Otherwise it's a bad SX-8

No Audio but the video works - VT Pro Card (shipped with VT[4] and later)

  • Problems with just the rear channels are probably the internal ribbon cable
  • Swap audio cable between the computer and the SX-84. You can borrow one of the SX-84's video cable for testing purposes. If this gets the audio working you have a bad cable
  • Plug into the 1/8" jacks on the VT card itself. The Front channels are on the same backplate with the Video In and Out. If this works your SX-84 is bad.
  • If the front channel 1/8" jacks are dead so is your VT card.

No Video In and Out of the SX-8(4)

  • Make sure the internal power cable is attached to the VT card. This is what powers the SX-8(4) and if it's not connected it won't work.
  • Make sure the Control cable is correctly attached at both ends and tightened down.
  • Restart the computer after checking the first two items.
  • From the main VT menu open the Virtual Breakout Box module. It will inform you if the BOB isn't recognized.
  • If the BOB is recognized proceed to Troubleshooting Video I/O
  • Swap out the Control Cable (you can use the Video In or Video Out cable to test). Reboot and try again.
  • If BOB is still not recognized it could be the internal control ribbon cable, but you probably don't have a spare so skip to Troubleshooting the Daughter card.

Troubleshooting Video I/O

  • Double Check that the Video In and Video Out cables are connected properly and tightened down. Note that the connectors are out of order on the SX-8(4).
  • Shut down the computer, Disconnect the SX-8(4) and connect a breakout cable to the Video In connector.
  • Connect a known good video source to the breakout cable. The Grey is composite in.
  • Restart the machine and the VT.
  • Select Composite in on the switcher you should get video.
  • If not you probably have a bad VT card. But it could be a mangled software install.
  • If you do get video your VT card is good. Try reconnecting the SX-8(4) but try a different 15 pin cable on the Video In (temporarily use the Video Out cable it's wired the same).
  • If it's not the VT card or Video In cable you have a bad SX-8(4)

Troubleshooting the Daughter card

  • Exit the VT software
  • On the Windows Start Menu select 'Run a Program'
  • In the panel that comes up type CMD and press Enter
  • This will open a command window. At the prompt type: newtekrtme and press enter.
  • If you get a message that says "... Server Daemon already running..." run newtekrtme a second time
  • Now you will get a long list of gibberish. Scroll back and look for a line that says either "Analog Daughter on..." or "Analog Daughter not found" (these messages may vary slightly depending on the version of your software and rev of your hardware).
  • Analog Daughter not found means your daughtercard is bad (presuming the internal power cable is connected and good).
  • If the Daughter card is found but the SX-8(4) still isn't working you have a bad SX-8(4) (presuming the internal ribbon cable is good)
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