Triggering Macro when DDR state changes

So i am trying to explore automation a bit more again and one of the things I would like to do is trigger a macro when a clip ends. There is already the ability to right clip on any given clip in your DDR and assign a macro to when the clip begins playing or stops which is perfect for what I want to do. The issue is there doesn't seem to be a way to grammatically set the macro.

In my case I am working with the replay ability so I would need to set this macro on new clips regularly and I wouldn't want to to have to manually assign the macro every new clip.

Usually in this area I use the automation Tab of DDR and I actually have a macro I do use when the tally light becomes active/inactive. The issue I am running into is that I am using the DDR on an ME so the tally state doesn't change when the clip ends, it just sits there It would be great if there was an extra check box on the DDRs like there are for clips where you could set a DDR2 wide setting say when a clip starts to play or stops.

Anyone think of a way to work around what is currently available in the TC1?


One of my methods of replay is to use an ME and use the comp animation to scale down the live image, show the replay then scale back up. I use this with timers in macros currently and it works really well if the clip is always a specific duration. But If I need to show something longer than what is in the macros that method wont work. I did use a pause in the macro which got me fairly close but it still requires me to wait for the clip to end and then press the continue button which is not as clean.

Thanks for any ideas!


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Could you play and display the item using either Autoplay or ShowOn and then trigger the macro using DDR>Tally?
I do have autoplay on currently and I can get this behavior to work when I am playing the DDR full screen on program as the Tricaster naturally transitions away from the DDR when it finishes playing the clip. Which triggers a change in tally status.

In this case I am using an ME to show the replay with a live PIP. So when I transition to the ME with the live video full screen and then use a comp to animate the live video down to a small pip and the DDR autoplays at this time. This does give me a tally change at the start but I am looking for a tally change to act on when the list of clips completes With the ME on program containing the DDR.

The issue is when it finishes playing it just sits there keeping tally in the pip state. What I want to do is use the comp animation to go back to full screen and once done cut away from me 1 to the active camera. This is a very different look from the fade/stinger.

When I tried the show on program originally the issue I ran into was two items: First is that I now use the multiple angles in a replay. Often I take the one clip scrub to a point, split the clip and then change the angle of the new 2nd half. If I use show on program trigger it would only play one clip not both even if DDR was set to play all items. I haven't tested this in a few releases so I will try again.

Second the show on program transition out would happen before the comp animation would trigger which lost the visual effect. I am ok with the DDR hitting the wall and stopping which results in a still frame on screen while the animation occurs.

Here is an example using only one angle:

I appreciate the ideas and trying hard to solve this without a feature request :)


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Confirmed that even if I select 2 clips in the DDR Show on program will only play out the first.

Yes , of course... but you can set up a M/E with 2 ddr ( cropped in a pop -up wondow... as you do nicely on your comp preset )
and tick the "autoplay on M/E" . So, you don't need to use the " show on program " button
Yes , of course... but you can set up a M/E with 2 ddr ( cropped in a pop -up wondow... as you do nicely on your comp preset )
and tick the "autoplay on M/E" . So, you don't need to use the " show on program " button

yeah, I don't use show on program usually and do the method via the ME. What I wanted to be able to do though is trigger my replay and have various clip durations or multiple clips trigger a comp back to full screen once done. At the moment the only way I have been able to return to full screen is:

1.) Pause the Macro and then hit resume but this means perfect timing or it just waits for me after playback is done.
2.) only use the ME replay method like I described with a single clip of a known duration and build the time into the delay (what I currently do).

The second prevents me from doing slightly longer/shorter clips though and is less flexible.


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I think you've founded good trick to reach your goal.

Of course, step [2 ] is perfect with multiple productions with replay clips which have the same duration ( so your macro delay time fits perfectly the IN/Out transitions )

By the way, about step [1] , I usually write two different macros for this kind of transitions... one for the beginning and the other for the end .
Because I prefere not to stop a macro while running : I feel more confortable to recall it from a customized buttom on my 2 stripe panel.
I Usually set the COUNTDOWN overlay on a ddr window on my multiview. So my script and I, we can see very well the time remaining and start the macro out transition in the right moment.
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