Tricaster TC1 - How many records does it have?


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Just wanted to double check, the TC1 has 4 outputs and 4 separate record channels, correct? Is there any way to record more ISO inputs? We have 5 cameras, 1 graphics input from a NDI source as well as the program feed. Is the most we can do is chose 4 of these 7 options?

Would outputting to a separate recorder be our only option, are we able to change one of the record options from one of the output options?

Thanks for the help!
I think the newer TC1s ship with SSDs and can record more streams but 4 is the suggested maximum that you record to the TC1, two to each hard drive. There are NAS options


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If you TC1 is running Rev 7-3 or higher software, you will have the ability to setup up to 8 recordings. If you have Premium Access, you can setup as many recordings as you like.

However, just because the system lets you, you still need to have the network and hard drive performance for all of this. We do not recommend more than 2 recordings per hard drive. With USB3 drive, I do not recommend more than one channel per drive. Real-world recording capability depends on video formats being used as well as the the storage devices connected to the system.


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Thanks, so, I've updated to 7-4-210311C and I still only see 4 Mix outputs and 4 record channels of those Mixes. I guess the outputs would stay at 4, but how do I setup/access 8 recordings?

How do I see if I have Premium Access? I'll ask the Tech guy who bought it all, I'm pretty sure we do, but I don't know how to access those features if we do.


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Those are your mix out and you only get 4 you can go into inputs and record those as well. So you could record 8 cameras or 4 cameras and 4 mixes etc


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Yes, thanks for your help... but how do I change or enable those 8 records?

When I click on the record tab in the picture above, it only lists the 4 output mixes as options... I can't change them unless I change what I have on the output tab.... but still that's only 4 options not 8. I'm happy with my 4 outputs, but I don't need to record all four of those outputs, I'd like to record two of them and two iso camera inputs.

Thanks again.
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