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Just curious if anyone on here would happen to know what port TriCaster uses to listen for TCP remote control commands (triggering macros). I use CharacterWorks as a CG and since I updated my TriCaster to 5-1-... I am no longer able to trigger macros from CharacterWorks. I used to be able to do it on port 5950 but now the TriCaster seems to reject that port. I have been trying a bunch of others but I don't have the NewTek Developer SDK info so I'm just shooting in the dark trying to find a port that will accept the commands. I have used netstat to see what ports are being used on the TriCaster and such but I still can't figure out what ports are for what. I have also tried using telnet to get into the 5950 port from the CharacterWorks computer and it won't connect. But if I telnet to 5951, it connects but it won't trigger macros. Can't tell if this is a NewTek or a CharacterWorks issue. I am in contact with both but am waiting responses and need an answer ASAP.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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In my web application I can use either port 80 or port 5952 to send REST API commands. I'm not sure if CharacterWorks is using the same API (but I think they would be).


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Got a reply from CharacterWorks this morning with a quick patch. For some reason it seems that TriCaster port 5950 (what CharacterWorks used for its "remote control"), is no longer open in the most recent update (5-1-171027). They switched it to 5951 in the protocol and now it works just fine.
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