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Time for us to build a new demo production vehicle. This trailer has served us well for the last 1.5 years. We built this prototype before NAB2010 and debuted it there to show all the old school guys what could be done with "New" "Tech" gear.

I designed this trailer to be both a Live Production rig and also a Demo platform to take to clients. No more carrying multiple cases into a demo, this trailer has a green screen studio built in with lighting. One of the biggest advantages of our design is the Tricaster/3Play primary gear can all be removed and brought inside a venue "flitepack" style. You don't need to have 2 different sets of gear for 2 different applications.

This trailer was priced at $27,500 new. The For Sale price now is $20k.
Compare this to MarkerTek's trailer offering... We are cheaper and have built a far superior trailer. I have been pulling trailers all my life and put that experience into each one of our builds.

Major differences to note:
5200lb axles vs. 3500lb. axles
Dual 15,000 BTU A/C with Heat Strip Carrier A/Cs vs. 13,000btu Dometic ACs
Heavier Frame build
Electric Tongue Jack vs. their Manual Jack
RearView Camera builtin vs theirs (nothing)
Jacks on all four corners to level the trailer (standard) vs. their Option
Satellite Ready Mount on one piece roof vs. multipiece roof design
Armstrong Wood Panel floor vs. their Rubber coin floor
Generator Power input in front by A-Frame vs. theirs through hole in floor
LED Lighting throughout vs. their incandescent (hot) lighting
Full rear flip down door to remove/stow gear vs. their 30" small door
Secondary door in back to access gear without having to drop full rear door
7'6" height inside vs. their 6'6" interior
FlitePack Ready Racks included vs. unadjustable hard racks
Complete Greenscreen studio built in front vs. theirs (none)
Complete Video LED Lighting built in front studio vs. theirs (none)

Their was over 150 hours of forethought, design and planning put into this trailer design before we spent the actual month building out the unit. While it may not be the absolute "perfect" design for everyone, I do feel like it is one of the best designs on the market today.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have and I will be posting more details and pictures over the next few days.

Overseas Tricaster users -- Yes we can ship this to you for much less than you would think.



NewTek System Integrator
more pics

Version 1 of the Production Area back wall

The following XD300 and 3Play 330 TriCasterFlightPack fit in the back wall, 46" LED multiviewer was removed from lid and hung on wall

Version 2 of the Production Area back wall
(smaller rack hole)

Currently back wall is built out to accept a single 14ru ShockMount case with a XD850 and 3Play 820 in it. The back wall could be easily adjusted to fit the needs of your current cases if need be. Most likely for no extra cost.


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Oh yeah,

Delivery of the trailer can be easily be arranged direct to you.
I have a Dodge 3500 truck for sale also if you need it. Though the truck is a 1ton, the trailer can easily be pulled by a 1/2ton or 3/4ton. Only reason I have the 1ton is because I needed it for my 40' cargo trailer which I have sold now.

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If i only lived in the Lower 48 I would say roll it on over.. But hey here in Hawaii it would cost me a grand a month just to find a parking spot for it.


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If i only lived in the Lower 48 I would say roll it on over.. But hey here in Hawaii it would cost me a grand a month just to find a parking spot for it.

So Todd if I can make it transform into something smaller, we have a deal?

I love challenges.

Which Island are you on?
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