TriCaster Operator (460) Needed in San Diego County


New member is looking for a TriCaster operator to help run a new live-to-tape interview show for the web. The ideal candidate will be proficient at switching live shows (multiple remote guests), oversee all the basic studio setup/equipment for the show and coordinate graphics/b-roll with the editor. Candidate will also be responsible for exporting program and ISO recordings for delivery to the editor after taping.

Desired Skill Set

  • Knowledge of the TriCaster 460 with 3Play Controller (control surface only - which is used by host to control/review the playback of b-roll clips himself in studio)
  • Ability to set up the TriCaster and all basic studio equipment
  • Must have experience bringing in multiple remote guests via Skype (video)
  • Experience with live phone-in callers a plus

Studio located in San Marcos, CA. This job is on a contract basis. Shows will be once a month to start, then grow to 2+ per month. We prefer someone who will stick with us long term.

Please contact Anna ([email protected]) for more information.
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