Tricaster Net not receiving iVGA


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I'm on a shoot and need a quick answer or some help.

I have a mac running slide content. iVGA and an older tricaster are on the same router (router is connected to ethernet) but I can't get the mac to present to Net 1 or Net 2. For example iVGA will come up and look for the tricaster, but when I got to the Net 1 or 2 drop down, nothing is coming up. We did try a resent of everything and it didn't do anything. We also double checked to make sure the tricaster computer was connecting to the internet fine.

It seems the computer and tricaster are not talking to each other? Does anyone have any recommendations or tips?



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This is pretty old tech, so I may not be correct (it might not matter to iVGA), but in the modern implementation your TriCaster would need to be set to a Work or Private network, not Public, for a connection to be made. Otherwise, you likely know that they need to be on the same subnet.
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