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Hi everyone I'm new to these forums,

I'm currently running a sports broadcast ( with a tricaster mini standard edition, 4 camera set up), is there any way to record more than two out of the four camera sources to the computers hard drive or an external hard drive?

Also, when running the broadcast with 4 cameras, is there a way to capture multiple replays from any of the 4 cameras being used or can I just have one designated camera source for replays?


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I have the same question. (for my mini 4k) I get a warning that recording more than 2 to the same drive can result in data loss--I tested it with 3 cameras (Canon ptz 1080p) and it did record all three, although I only tried it for a few minutes


NTK recommendation (more from the past = ´native´ TC format recording days) is/was to record max. 2 ´streams´ to one physical harddrive.
But I think to remember I read in this forum some users had success recording more channels onto one drive, also because of new possibilities for this with NDI workflows.
It´s also a question what TC hardware/software you have, and what type of external storage hardware you have connected to, if any.
Depending on the TC Mini Standard Edtion system ´OntarioHC´ mentioned this might be the model just with the C:\ drive for WIN+TC SW, without any D:\ Media drive implemented to use for recoding.
Never record media onto the TC C:\ drive. To my knowledge this is still a 250GB drive/partion, even on TC2 Elite ;-)

If you use an external SSD USB drive the performance increase of such a drive shall help to record more than 2 streams on, but with good testings before any production, please!

Can´t remember the TC Mini ´Standard Edition´ software Replay capabilities out of my head.
With newer TC hardware/software models you can do what you are asking for.

For possible further feedback from others here in the forum it might help to sepcify the TC Mini model you have and which Standard Edition SW version you are running with.

@jmangz -
in your case you are recoding 3 NDI streams from the Canon PTZ 1080p to your Mini 4K, which might be even NDI|HX´y´ (y= 1,2, or3 ?) bandwith (don´t know which NDI ´variant´ your Canon PTZ does support) , vs. ´high bandwith´ NDI or even TC ´native´ recording bandwith (needs).

Hope this helps


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Thanks Frank. This does indeed help.
Specifically, the Canon PTZ cam (model CR-N300) is ND|HX2. I'm going to try and record 3 of them today on the 2nd internal HDD (D drive, not the C drive) and scan the footage for any dropped frames. I'll post the results for anyone that is interested.


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Native NDI recording is always in High Bandwidth format. If you record a HX source (of any type) it will be converted into High Bandwidth NDI format when written to disk.

The 2 channels of recording is a 'safe' amount to also provide bandwidth for DDR playback on the system with typical 7200RPM 3.5" SATA drives. There are many factors that will determine how many channels of recording you can achieve, including video format, image complexity, current drive capacity, fragmentation and drive interface.


Thanks Kane,
I realized I was wrong with my statement about native NDI recording of HX|y sources written to TC disk after I hid the send post button above.
Good you always double check the post in here and turn things technically right, of needed (y)


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On a 30 min recording test- 3 Canon ptz (CR-N300) NDI|HX2 1080p 29.97- the Tricaster Mini 4k successfully recorded all three channels on its D drive. (with no DDR playback or anything else working. )

I then tried a 30min test, same setup but 4K 29.97. The Tricaster was only able to record 2 channels. (3rd channel clipped multiple times and eventually quit)

Based on Kane's comment, and his intense profile pic ;) I'll def be using an external drive when recording more than 2 channels.

Thx for your help everyone.

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