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Hey guys! I'm a tricaster director, and I've been an... apprentice director, (I guess you could call it?) for about 6 years, and recently found myself in the position of lead tricaster tech. The OS I use is TC1, and since I was mostly just an assistant for most of the time, and never really got to learning in depth due to lack of time.
Because of the basically nonexistent budget that I was left with, it is hard to get proper training for me and my team. I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to donate some of their time to maybe show me (by zoom or in person) the more complex side of the tricaster, links, or even drop in the comments some interesting things that you learned on your own. I understand its a weird time to ask this because of COVID19 (obviously proper precautionary measures would be put in place), but the position was kind of just dropped on me, and I have to balance work and school (I'm in 2nd year university) and I'm just a bit desperate. Thanks!! 😅😅
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