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I sent these to support a while back, and I though I'd post them here for everyone. Feel free to add you requests to this thread.

Push to Windows Media Server
Before we purchased the Tricaster, we webcast our city council meetings through our Windows Media Server (via windows media encoder on a pc set to push the feed). I would like to have an option under the stream feature to push to a WMS. This would allow for an automated feed to be broadcast. Currently, I have to remote desktop into our WMS and manually start a publishing point that listens for the feed broadcast from the Tricaster. There is no way to automate the process. If I were able to push to the WMS, as I can do with the windows media encoder app from Microsoft, I would not have to log into the WMS to start the publishing point.

Visible Mouse in iVGA
At almost every meeting, PowerPoint presentations are made. Most of these contain pictures of maps / overhead views, etc., that the presenter would point out during the presentation with a laser pointer. I would then point the camera at the screen to capture the presentation / laser pointer. Once we installed the Tricaster, I had staff use the computers mouse pointer to point out areas on the screen, so it would show up on the broadcast. iVGA wont show the mouse movements, so I had to use the PowerPoint PC video cards s-video out and run it into the camera 3 input on the front of the unit. This is a stopgap solution, as we will soon be installing a 3rd remote control camera in the council chamber, and I will have to use the cam 3 input for that feed. It would be nice if the iVGA app would display the mouse movements.

Dual Monitor Support
It would be nice to split the Tricaster app window between 2 monitors, so the preview / input windows could be larger. I have a 19" LCD monitor connected to the Tricaster, and its hard to read the overlay preview window.

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Since you've mentioned it...

Here's a few other suggestions, I realize some of them are not possible given the hardware limitations or price point but I figured why not.
  • More inputs - although another composite video input is probably not possible, what about a direct DV input?
  • Direct DV out
  • Improved IVGA, with the option to "release/renew/repair" ip addresses directly from Tricaster without having to go to admin mode
  • More user-friendly template creation interface --- if you could have something like the Editor's CG that you could simply save as a template that would be much simpler
  • Pause button and time code counter when recording main output -- I don't trust that any device is actually recording something until I see numbers moving, and that would be nice to see on the switcher control panel.
  • Ability to rename sources -- someone already suggested putting someone's name next to their camera
  • XLR audio inputs, BNC video, additional video outs (I know I can get a DA but this is a wish list)
  • MIDI interface for tactile audio mixer control
  • Tally light signals
  • resizeable camera views (like VT-Visions), perhaps switcher skins
Just off the top of my head. I haven't had the occasion to use our Tricaster a lot lately but when I start using it more often I can come up with a few more. There's some food for thought :hey:

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VT Owner said:
You are in luck, that's already available!

It's called VT4 :D

Sorry, I couldn't help it....

Got one, but can't fit the VT4 in a backpack without a severe risk of injury! When you're spoiled with those features it makes you come to expect the same functionality with the Tricaster.
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