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The TriCaster Android app has been broken for awhile. Since Android 12 came out, it has not worked. The comments on Google Play pretty much back up that everybody is having issues. I need that app. What is the time frame to have it working?
What app and broken in what way? I see there is an app called TriCaster Camera and also NDI HX Camera. Can someone from NewTek explain the differences and the target markets for each along with why have multiple apps that appear to do similar things. We use NDI HX Camera with a Tricaster 4k Mini on Android 12 and it's working great.
I have both the NDI HX Camera app and the TriCaster Camera app on my Pixel 5 running Android 12. I didn't perform exhaustive tests, but both apps seem to be working as expected.

I'm told, however, that a bugfix prepared some time ago had inadvertently not been propagated to the Play store. This has been corrected for a little while now.

Finally, to explain - the TriCaster and the new CaptureCast variant are basically he same app, but enabled without cost when the corresponding NewTek product is detected on the network.
SBowie, thx for highlighting that, so yes there's a 3rd app - CaptureCast Camera in the Play store. I paid for my NDI HX app (worth the price).

NewTek please can someone provide a summary of the pros and cons of each of the 3 Android apps and why someone would use one over the other.
Sure - honestly, I thought I had. :)

Two are free; they detect the associated product and run without purchasing the camera app ... basically a perk of buying the NewTek system . The other one comes at a price. Otherwise, they are effectively identical.
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