Tricaster 850 with Gator Box road case for sale $6,300


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Used TC850 24-channel video switcher with a Gator Box road case and rack-mounted Furman surge protector. Fully functioning.

Product description -

The NewTek TriCaster TC850 Unit is a 4U rack mount, 24-channel, 1080p native switcher system that allows you to produce HD videos and is suitable for desktop as well as portable live production. With the ability to simultaneously broadcast in resolutions up to 1080p, live stream with resolution as high as 720p and project, the Tricaster uses 32-bit floating point with 4:4:4:4 video processing and records HD/SD videos in resolutions up to 1080p simultaneously at the touch of a button. Offering support for up to 8 cameras, the TC850 supports 4 channels of AES digital audio or balanced XLR analog audio per camera with SDI embedded audio support for each camera connected through HD-SDI or SD-SDI inputs.The Tricaster supports a variety of input formats that include HD-SDI, HD component, SD-SDI, SD component, Y/C and composite. A built-in 50 hours of recording capacity is integrated into the TriCaster that can be extended for unlimited storage using 4 removable drive bays. Also included are 8 virtual/mix channels with presets and individual overlays that let you create and save complex switcher effects and assign them to a single source for easy access and use.Equipped with 5 digital media players (2 DDRs, titles bin, stills store and sound player).


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