TriCaster 2 Elite Freezing all outputs


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Hello Everyone

Since few days we are getting a wierd behaviour on our Tricaster. Got 8x Inputs from decoders
via SDI and 3x Sparks SDI to NDI. Tricaster is patched through a 10g network port on a Unifi 24 port switch.
ouput of Tricaster is via 4x SDI out with switching inputs through a macro.

Every hour or so spark will give a NDI no signal on tricaster which get fixed by restarting the spark. It is a
dedicated network so no other traffic is going on except these three NDI inputs. now for the past 2 days Tricaster is
freezing all outputs after running for a few hours. UI is accessible and if I restart the project it comes back

I searched on forums and noticed NDI could be causing this behaviour..anyone with similar issues?

Elite Build number is 7-4-210108, NDI version

Spark Details below
  • Current firmware version: 2015.4
  • Current software version: 1.80.0181
I would Check the patch notes but keep in mind they don't add all fixed items but there have been a lot of fixes since January 8th. Keep your old installers in case you need them again!


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updated video drivers as well as TriCaster software

GPU Driver 471.68
TriCaster - 7-7-210823

Started a test yesterday with 10 input streams (8x SDI, 3x Spark) and in 17 hours all inputs/ouputs are freezed again. UI is accessible so I
can quit and restart the project which brings back everything to normal

Not sure where to look next. waiting for support to get back
I would try without the sparks. I have seen that type of Freeze on a TC1 that was due to a bad NDI source. There is a NDI analysis tool for windows that you can download and use. Are the sparks up to date for firmware?

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Had the same prob on a show few days ago.

Seemed to have a slow and small thumb drive as a recording destination for 2 of my 12 inputs.
It went full - and without mentioning any issue all inputs freezed and audio stopped.

Without recording I had no problems - for hours.
Starting the recording (at that time I didn't realise about the full thumb drive, jet) in this setup again led automatically to freezed inputs at the moment of hitting the record button.

Changing Destinations was the immediate solution to no freezing rec's anymore.

So my conclusion: my problem was probably caused by the wrong selected (Why does the TC2e system preselect the worst-possible destination for recordings, if a new drive is attached - while all other destinations lead to the same RAID?) drive to ISO record.
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