Transition with BKGD not recordable in a Macro


Hi all, anyone tried to record the "Transition with BKGD" function in a macro? I just did and it does not register in the macro events. This check box only exists in the GUI, not on the surface. We are using a bunch of custom wipes and not being able to automate this is creating challenges... If you're not familiar with it, it is in the effects panel of the PGM/PVW stripe in the GUI.


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I'm not sure there's a way to 'macrotize' that setting, but (admitteddly without spending very much time on it) I think I'm getting the same effect by:
  • assigning the identical transition to both DSK and BKGD layers
  • setting the BKGD transition to Ping Pong mode
  • delegating BKGD and the DSK, and performing an Auto
A bit cumbersome, but it seems to work. I tried it with several different transitions.
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