Transform then pin an object doesn't seem to work


I brought in a parts object from LW and applied an MDD for a 180-frame dynamics sequence. Then at frame 150 I selected the Transform tool, selected one of the pieces, and moved it to a new location. I then selected the Pin tool, at the same frame, and selected the same part so it would remain at that new location for the remaining 30 frames. It still returns to its original location after it's been pinned.

Am I not applying this in the correct order or something?

Running a 2014 Mac Pro with Yosemite.


Okay, operator error, and a case of RTFM.

Transform creates a Morph unless used in Setup or Global Editing Mode.


Now click on the Ease Out button and move the yellow dot all the way to the right. You should see
that the initial pyramid shape has changed to give an incoming slope, but the pose is held until the
end of the scene.

All is good now.
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