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I am currently trying to edit a 3.5 hour SD time line. VT5 is fine at first when I start to edit, but a few hours into the editing It becomes slow on its response and some times it has to take 30 seconds or so to process even one key command. Then it freezes up and crashes. I cant open my saved project now and when I try it just freezes up again and crashes. I tried reloading the undo/redo saves into the project but no luck. I also restarted the computer and shut it down as well. I just cant get it to work anyone might know as to why? Any help is welcomed.



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Can you check CPU temperatures? My dual Xeon will start behaving badly after a few hours of heavy work, unless I have a window air conditioning unit I placed near it running, so that the cooling fans are taking in cold air instead of room temperature air.


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billmi is on the right track. I had the same problem on a dual Xeon system. Have since switched to the i7 core and the problem is gone.

My solution was to open the case and have a fan blowing across the processors. An air conditioner would be even better. Not a pretty work around, but still effective.
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