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Amiga Toaster/Flyer for Sale


I'm selling a completely functional A4000 in a tower case with Amiga OS 3.5,
Toaster and Flyer. Can boot either toaster or Flyer LW4.0 or 5.0.
System has 2 System HDs and (2) Seagate 9.1 gig and (1) Quantum 3.1 gig
AV drives and a Quantum 2.1 gig audio drive. TBCIV.
Includes all original software both on CD and floppies for Toaster, Flyer and Amiga OS. Original manuals and documentation including Toaster and Flyer S/Ns, and manuals for TBCIV, monitor and Amiga OS 3.5.
Also includes OZ audio co-pilot and video co-pilot. Everything works. Used as a backup for VT4.
Plus, Joe Tracy's Flyer Mastery Guide.

I also have a Sony VO5800/5850/RM440 edit system with manuals, a Tektronix 528 Waveform monitor and a JVC KY19U with a BRS422 Recorder (Very Low Hours) all with original manuals, Canon 13X Lens Quick Release mounting plate, Portabrace Case, NP 4 position Sony battery charger and (4 batteries), rain bonnet and Custom Aluminum Flight case. Will send pictures of all equipment.

If interested, contact me at [email protected]
I'll be listing video equipment with brokers and Toaster on eBay soon.

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i know zahrre at never met you.. would be real interested to chat

let me know where in jpl you are
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