Toaster Audio Out continous tone (beep)


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I a new T2 user for fewer weeks. My T2 Audio Out sounds a continous beep (tone) which sounds over the audio (inputs and clips). In a first moment I think what is for a low quality of my desktop speakers, but later check it with my Commodore 1084´s speakers and the problem continues. In a last attempt conect the T2 Audio Out at my Sony V5000E camera´s audio input and the beep continues. I modify the T2 Audio Mixer ( down the T2 Audio Out) and obtain a better output , but the beep continues. If turn
off the Toast Out (the red push) no beep, but in this manner no sound go out.

No beep at the windows boot until the system is almost to start up. In the last moments of system boot (after enter Windows 2000 user password) the beep it begins alone.

No matter which signal input there is, I have proven with the camera audio out in VT2 Audio In, and without signals in (the signal out it is in speakers).

In fewer weeks I need have my T2 System installed sucefully for start my first job with the T2.

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