Toaster 4000 repairs?

Kevin Brice

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Not sure how many people still hang out here, but does anybody know of someone who might still repair Amiga Toaster cards? I've got two that are having some issues:

Card 1​

  • No signal on Preview Out. I tried the analog board from Card 2, but it didn't make a difference. The solder joints for the BNC connector look fine to my eye.
  • A bunch of effects (maybe just AGA ones?) are blown out and have a lot of pink in them. When they show up on my RGB monitor, they look fine. The red background generator looks a bit too pinkish to me, but I'm less sure about that one. I've run AutoHue a few times with nothing except a camera connected with no change. Pictures attached.

Card 2​

  • Main board has a blown capacitor I haven't replaced yet, so I don't know its state otherwise
  • Some of the BNC connectors have broken solder joints that I still need to fix.
  • Memory board causes picture jitter and serious color shift for any kind of output when tested in Card 1. Again, AutoHue makes no difference.
If it's just a configuration error on my part with Card 1, do let me know. Otherwise I'd love to get these looked at by someone who has a better idea of what they're doing. :) Thanks!

Kevin Brice

VT[2] Aficionado
For anyone who stumbles upon this later, I've got both cards fixed.
  • Card 1 had nothing wrong. I was using the Flyer BNC board without the ribbon cable connected to the Flyer, which disables the Preview output.
  • Card 2 also had a nonfunctional 12v trace, perhaps from the capacitor exploding. I added a bodge wire after replacing the capacitor, and it works fine now. Not sure what was up with the RAM board before, but no trouble with that anymore either.
  • The pink graphics are because of a voltage problem with the Amiga's DAC causing the RGB signal voltages to be too high. I haven't completely diagnosed it yet, but it also affects the DB23 connector. I didn't realize the DB23 connector was also bad because somehow the A520 composite adapter I was using compensates for the overly high signal voltages to show a perfect picture.
Apparently forgot to attach a picture earlier, so I'll attach it here.


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