toaster 3.5 won't load


I am trying to rebuild an old toaster.
I reformatted the hard drive and then when I tried to loas on the toaster software it asked fro a drawer to load it in.

then I select a drawer and i get an error...
selected drawer
sorry, the toaster software was not found in hd0: 'folder'

Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with my software?


when I try to load off the floppy it asks where did I load the toaster software.... but this is a clean install.... maybe I have an upgrade 3.5 as there are 9 floppies..... instead of a full version....
any thoughts?


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That might be your problem. Does your machine have a CD-ROM drive? If it does you could buy the Amiga Video Toaster Convenience upgrade from NewTek which includes a install of 3.5 on CD-ROM and also has the 4.3 Amiga Video Toaster upgrade an the same CD. This is a worthwhile and great purchase.


Are you saying that you have version 3.5 of the toaster software and only have 9 floppy discs? This is not right as version 3 of the software should have 48 or so discs. Like Bill said your best to get yourself the 4.3 version as it gives you a much better interface and alows you to run either 3.1 or 4.1 versions of the toaster software.



you guys were right
I had a ricoh drive on this machine but just found a 50 pin cd drive...

other question

do you need a device driver for the cdrom?

where can I get that for the amiga 2500?
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