TMPEG Yes or No?


Hi there,

After reading a few posts, I have tried using Ulead DVD WS both as stand-alone and in conjunction with a trial copy of TMPEG.

1) As stand-alone the picture quality was good or no worse than any other authoring software used before (DVD-It, Encore, etc.). I don't know why some threads claim it is awful!!
But the problem, as I have also read from many other posts, is that the audio would cease to exist half-way through the DVD playback.

2) I have tried transcoding a DV Type 2 in TMPEG (the trial version wouldn't accept RTV) but surprisingly enough the picture quality didn't look that great (very poor temporal compression) even with 8000 bs.

Could it be better with the full version? And if so what is the point of an evaluation copy anyway?

Still, there must be a way for Ulead to work without the assistance of a third-party transcoder shouldn't there be?
Especially since the picture quality and off-the-shelf menus are excellent as well as the authoring time much faster than that of the competition.

Any suggestions?


In using TMPGEnc, what motion search setting did you use? That can be a major factor in getting better quality.


I think it was set on (fast)!! Not too good I expect?

I'll try ( very slow) and see how it goes

Thank you!!


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logic28 said:
Also, the stream type seemed to be locked on ES (video + audio) so I couldn't change it
load template-in the extras folder there is one called "unlock" and then you will be able to change it


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Actually, ES (video+audio) is what you should want to be using.

I assure you the quality of a properly configured TMGPEnc encode blows away what DVD WS could ever dream of encoding on its own.


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wvp said:
I use just the video as we encode audio to ac3

I just find it safer to let TMPGEnc put out the MPEG-2 (.m2v) stream and the Linear PCM (.wav) stream, and then do my AC-3 encoding in my authoring program.

No loss added since you're just working with an uncompressed WAV. This way in case you do any trimming of I/O points inside TMPGEnc, everything stays in sync.

Sure, you could render the .wav directly from your VT/SE project as well.

Thing is, since SE doesn't support a VTP loader to TMPGEnc, I have to render out to a DV clip anyway. So then I have TMPGEnc make an MPEG-2 and WAV from the DV clip.


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Yeah your way makes a little more sense with SpeedEdit and no wrapper in fact we find the wrapper not working more often than not in VT. I know subprojects trip it up.
It would be nice when/if we can get to the point of encoding a project with high quality without having to jump through all the extra hoops. Perhaps Newtek can come out with a SpeedEncode? (I know SpeedEdit includes encoding to M2v and others but the quality is not as good as TMPGEnc and you can't make I frames at chapter points.)
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