Tired of workarounds to author DVDs

I am really getting tired of jumping through hoops to create a DVD out of VT4. DVD WS that comes bundled with VT4 but we can't put chapter markers on the timeline that DVDWS sees.

I don't make that many DVD with menus, I usually just burn a basic DVD with my freestanding DVD burner, but when I have to make an authored VDD with menus it really becomes difficult to get the job done with VT4 and DVDWS.

Even consumer level editors have the ability to put chapter markers on the timeline and create a DVD that see the markers, why can't our Pro-editor do it? This is a basic workflow that VT is lacking in and I would rather see this much needed basic feature than being able to do have enhanced live virtual set capabilities.

NewTek please tell me you are working on having VT5 have a basic workflow feature that not only is in every other Pro editor on the planet, but in most consumer editors as well.


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Well... There is Bob's Chapter Points program which lets you bring project markers as chapter points into authoring programs that support loading such things, like TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 or DVD-Lab Pro.

SpeedEDIT 1.2 includes Newtek's version of a Chapter Points program, so any of the same authoring programs would be able to support bringing those markers in. And Bob's Chapter Points works in SpeedEDIT 1.2 also, which is what I use.

And SpeedEDIT-VT will be in VT[5].

So, if you get an authoring program that supports it, you're set.

Personally, I use Bob's Chapter Points and bring my markers into TMPGEnc to get the I-frames and then simply type the chapter points into DVD Workshop 2 directly.

Once you get used to the workflow, it honestly is really quick.

The thing to remember is that DVD Workshop isn't something in Newtek's control. Who knows if Newtek will even be bundling it with VT[5].
I use Canopus Pro Coder for my MPEG-2 encoding, I haven't installed 1.2 yet, would the SE Chapter points import into that? Then I could buy DVD-Lab pro for the authoring. I really like Canopus encoder, the quality is really good and it's easy to use.


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Unfortunately, I don't think that ProCoder can import a list of frames to force I-frames at. I know ProCoder Express definately can not.

I've asked before on Canopus forums if there's a way to get EDIUS project markers to chapter points in Procoder and no one has ever responded with a way. So if it can't do it from their own application, which does have a chapter points from markers text file output capability, I don't think ProCoder has the input capability for a marker text file.

Unfortunately, this is the problem faced by all companies that don't have full suites of tools nowadays, VT/SpeedEDIT and EDIUS being really the only ones. Everyone else has a suite that includes the full path from ingest to DVD and supports markers to chapter points automatically.

Then again, on my Vegas 7 projects I use the FrameServer plug-in to TMPGEnc anyway, and force my I-frames in TMPGEnc with a text file from Vegas 7 and still do my authoring in DVD Workshop using that chapter point list.

Old habits die hard when they work and they're efficient for one's own needs. :)
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